Hooray for zombies. Here is a two page spread from the short comic I was working on that I called Zombie Cannon, which features my friend Sujin (she's the one kicking ass). I know it seems just like crazy fighting, but It does have many humorous moments. I have included my friends as well as myself in it. However, when I'm in it, I am either getting chased by zombies or getting beaten up by Sujin. It's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

However, I am not just making this comic for fun, it's also being done for preparation. Preparation for the day when THE ZOMBIES RISE UP AND ATTACK. You know it's gonna happen.

I wanted to get a lot more of this done but this single spread took a lot more time than I anticipated. Although I am very proud with how this turned out.

I think my favorite part is all the inside jokes that are hidden in it. I'd say there about five of them, most in the graffiti. Can you tell which they are? That is if I haven't told you already.

I'm not sure why but zombies seem to be so popular nowadays. Even within my circle of friends. One of my friends Jebus plans on writing a zombie romance novel, which will be amazing. And another friend has started his own zombie comic called Dead Line.

Please check out their stuff.

And now here is an update on my current projects:

Comic book heroes (mag cover): Rough Sketch
Goth Vampire: Rough Sketch
Squid vs Shark: On the Back Burner
Mythology Character Designs: On the Back Burner

Well that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed.