Worm Creature Preliminary Sketches

I have been extremely busy as of late and unfortunately have not been able to work on my worm illustration. Thus I figured this was a good opportunity to show some of my preliminary sketches and such that I worked up.

The sketch at the top of the sketch page was a simple drawing I did for fun in my sketchbook while I was watching my friend play Magna Carta. Which is an awesome game by the way. The sketch at the bottom is a more refined idea that went on to become the final drawing.

The other image is of a small sculpt I made for the final painting. As you can see in the picture I used a small flashlight to help me get the lighting that I will need for the fireball coming out of its mouth.

Hopefully I will get some time soon to finish up this piece. As soon as I do I will make sure to post it.

Rapture of a Maenad

This is a sketch I did to represent the Hellenistic god Dionysus. This piece depicts a maenad (or female devotee who was in a frenzy) of the god Dionysus as she is enthralled by his presence.

I wanted to show the sexual nature of the maenad via her gesture and her revealing outfit, as well as the sensual manner the wine is pouring on her.

I also wanted to convey the dualistic nature of Dionysus himself. One way I did this was by having him wear a split almost yin-yang like mask. However, the main way I wanted to convey his duality was in a more hermaphroditic way. While he is a man with broad shoulders, I added feminine features to him. You can see that he has not male pecs but female like breasts as well as very voluptuous hips.

This was a fun sketch, I normally don't do this kind of surrealistic imagery but I think I may do it more often.

The Cosmic Web

This is a simple sketch I did recently. It is based upon the meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Being a Stoic philosopher he had belief that everyone was connected via the celestial whole by a kind of cosmic web. Any slight change to the web affects everyone and everything in some form.

Simple drawing but I had fun playing with webs, I rarely get a chance to do that.

The Salvation of Lucius

A quick drawing I did. It is the climactic scene from the story The Golden Ass by Apuleius. It is a Hellenistic story that depicts the adventures of Lucius who through his own stupidity gets turned into a donkey.

He then goes on a series of adventures until at the end he is visited by the goddess Isis. She then gives him the means to turn back to his former self just this time a bit more enlightened.

I threw in a lot of symbolism to this. Such as the ribbons of fabric around Isis which represent mummification fabric. This being symbolic of Isis' husband Osiris. This is important as it symbolized Lucius' rebirth as well as its shape reflects that of the roads. I did this to symbolize the wandering of Lucius as well as that of the goddess herself.

There are many more instances of symbolism but I won't bore you with all the details.

That is all for now, later.

Hell Hath No Fury...

This is the sketch to one of the other pieces I am working on that is not part of my pin-up series. It showcases one of the characters I had created for my mythology. Basically she is a lightning goddess and all that fun stuff. I had an old drawing I did of her posted in an old post as well. I actually have a great deal of stories planned out for her since she is one of my favorite characters in my world. Eventually I plan on making a comic about one of her stories and this scene is partially depicting a part of that epic. I know I basically summed her up as a lightning goddess but trust me there is much much more to her than just that. Well once I can get some of the stories fleshed out a bit more I'll get around to posting them as well.

As far as the images go, I attached the original drawing I did as well as a desaturated version. I gave the desaturated version because I feel it tightens up the drawing a bit and can better convey some of what I am trying to get across in the piece.

That is all I have for this update but look for the final drawing and studies to my serpent mistress to be uploaded soon.


A Sssssimple Ssssssketch.

I have been meaning to post this sketch for awhile now but life has been so hectic I have only just now got around to it. It is the sketch for my second pin-up piece my serpent mistress. The process for this piece is much further along than this post would make it seem. I have already finished the final drawing and now I am working on some value and color roughs.

As soon as I get the finished drawing scanned in I will make sure to post it. A bit sooner than this one I hope.

I have been working on some other projects as well not only my pin-up series. Expect to see a new sketch for quite an epic piece soon.

Well, that is all for now, until later.

Galactic Temptress: COMPLETE "X Marks the Spot"
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Value/Color Studies
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage

Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

Aye Avast! Ye Advice Be Requested.

I decided to do some more value studies for my space pirate image. And thus here they are.

There are parts in different ones that I like more than others so I am having a bit of trouble deciding which way I should go.

If you wish to share your opinion, please go right ahead and comment. Your feedback will be quite welcome.

YARRRR Me Mateys

My galactic temptress piece has changed quite a bit. I nixed the iron work-like windows and just went with a larger planet behind a moon, while she just rests on a free floating plate. I also turned the steps to give more movement to the piece.

Also, instead of just being an alien she has become a space pirate. So I added some appropriate accessories like pirate boots, and eye patch, and a Jolly Roger tattoo.

The image at the top is the finished drawing and the one at the bottom is a rough value study I did. I also have some color sketches but since the composition changed so much I basically had to scrap them and start over. However, they did help give me some ideas of where I want my palette to go. I should have the color sketch uploaded soon.

I have also been working on my serpent mistress piece and will scan in some sketches of it soon.

That is all for now.

Galactic Temptress: Color Rough/ Finish
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Sketch Stage
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage
Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

Pin-Ups, First Sketch for GALACTIC TEMPTRESS

I did the first rough sketch for my Galactic Temptress piece. The bottom image is the full drawing I did. While I liked all the environmental components there are, I realized the image would be much better cropped, thus the top image. It brings the attention fully to the figure while I believe still keeping the elegance of the full image. However even though the proportions work better now it will still need some slight modifications for the final i.e. a third step, more of the planet, the metal work needs to be smaller, and I want to add in some more space ships so they can create a curve to help move your eye through the piece.

Currently I started to work on some color studies for this piece which when I get done I will post.

I have also been sketching out some ideas for my Serpent Mistress piece. I'll probably have those scanned in to post about the same time as the color studies for this one.

Those be the updates for now, keep a look out for updates soon.

Galactic Temptress: Color Studies
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Sketch Stage
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage
Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

Little Sketch and ANOTHER NEW LINK (I swear this is the last one)

Sadly, I don't have access to a good scanner right now so I can not really show most of what I have been doing. I did however decide to take a photo of my latest sketch, this way I can at least show everyone a small piece of what I have been up to.

I used a friend of mine, Jen, as the model. Instead of just doing a straight up portrait I decided to make her an Elven type creature. Yay Elves, fun times. Other than that the image is self explanatory. I will upload a better quality image once I get to a good scanner.

Also, I know I said I wouldn't do this again but I made another portfolio site. This one is at Imagine Fx's site. Same deal as always this link will be added to the top of my blog in case you want to see.

That would be all for tonight, but I shall have more sketchbook goodness soon.

The Great Comic WARS Rough

I was there, I saw the great war. As heroes clashed in the sky and doomsday weapons ran free in the streets. I saw the great powerhouses of DC and Marvel collide. And then...... there was an evil alien squid monster.....or was there? Oh Watchmen.

Well in case you were confused, there was no great war, I know I was sad too, that would have been great though. If you asked me who would win in the end I'd say Dr Doom. Cause really he is DOOM. Anyway this is my rough sketch for the magazine cover I am working on. The article is obviously about graphic novels that have been made into movies, and their great success.

I ended up making this a great battle featuring; Rorschach, The Joker, Leonidas, Dr Manhattan, Iron Man, and V or at least his mask.

I realized I never really show my process on my blog so what better time to than now. I should have the finish for this in a few weeks keep a look out for it.

That's it for tonight or morning, laters.

P.S. a fun little pun the missile in Joker's launcher is a Spartan Missile. The idea made me smile.

Butterscotch Nose Abrasers

Got the drawing done for my Slayers project. The first image is a drawing of the character and the second is her with the magic waves and what not laid out.

If you have ever heard of the anime called Slayers you'll recognize that this is a drawing of the main character Lina Inverse. What you may not know is before it was an anime or a manga it was a novel series written by Hajime Kanzaka.

Slayers is without question my favorite anime, as well as book series. The story is what I think a great fantasy story should embody. Magic all makes sense, lots of comedy, and a touch of seriousness and epicness.

This illustration is done for the book cover to the first novel Slayers: Ruby eye. The image shows her casting the big epic spell the Giga Slave. I won't say anymore, for all of you who have not watched or read Slayers you need to do it NOW! I mean it.

This was really fun to draw I loved taking imagery that is normally done in a simplified anime style and convey it in my own. It's going to be awhile before I finish, I have some pretty ambitious ideas for color and rendering, but it will get done..... eventually.

I know I said I would post the traditional painting I was working on next I just need to get it scanned, but it is finished. If your wondering what I'm waiting for it's........................ THE DRAMA!

Irreidia Sketch

This is a sketch of one of the characters from my mythology. She is Irreidia the goddess of destruction and sister to the character in the last sketch, Korvek. She is the main character that will be in the first comic I will work on. This drawing was originally done for a test comic page. However, the page did not turn out as well as I would like. I did really like this sketch of her though thus I posted.

What really made this drawing work was the reference. The model was excellent at posing, she had a great shift to her hip that added a nice curve to the figure. Also to replicate her outfit I had the model clip a t-shirt around her waist, and to my great benefit the wind picked up. I was able to get a shot of the "skirt" actually billowing up. It was the coolest accident that ever happened during a photo shoot. Which added a great deal of movement to the drawing.

That's all for now I have a new illustration that will be up soon.

Summer Sketches Part 2 - Korvek

This is the other sketch I did over the summer. It's of my character Korvek. He's a god in the world I created Orum-Ah'zra. I have a large painting I did of him but I wanted to make a better drawing, thus I created this. I ended up thinning out his face as well as his overall body frame. All in all the character design stayed the same.

The reference for this piece were the pictures I took for the original. I used my friend Keita as the model for Korvek.

Korvek is the God of the Abyss (Hell), the element of storms, and the Preist of Chaos. The purpose of the stole drapped over his shoulders is to indicate his title as Priest. He also wears a crown of copper colored bones and horns as a way to show how he rules over the Abyss. There is also an eyepatch over his left eye that has a mouth on it which he uses to suck out the souls of his victims. Generally not a nice guy. He's one of my favorite villians from my stories.

I first comic I plan on making has him as the central villian. Currently I am working on a test page for the comic which should be done in a few weeks. The page will depict him fighting the main character of the story, his sister Irreidia.

I think this drawing turned out really well I am quite proud of it. I think I may do similar drawings of all the gods from my mythology as a series. Who knows if I have time maybe I'll paint all of them in Painter. But for now here's the sketch I hope everyone likes it.

Summer Sketches Part 1

Here's one of the sketches I did over the summer. Just finally got time to a scan it in so I could post it. Just another drawing I did after I searched for model photos online. I tried to switch it up a bit by having light clothing with darker skin. The blue lead I use is not really fit for full rendering so I had to just lightly render.

I do like how the folds in the shorts came out. The way the blue pencil works always seems to give me a really nice line quality. I highly recommend giving it a try if you haven't. It's perfect for a prelim sketch that would then be finished on the computer.

New Sketch

Here's a new sketch that I did this past Sunday. I really had a lot of fun working on this. I slightly modified reference I found online of a singer/model. I used my .9 mm mechanical pencil with, obviously, my blue lead. I've really been enjoying using my blue lead lately. It, for some reason, just really creates a look and texture that I really like. The only problem with it is that this type of lead for some reason is really hard to erase. I was tempted to use my regular 2B lead as a prelim sketch and then go over it with my blue lead, however I always think that a color lead should be used as the preliminary sketch otherwise it looks odd. So I just end up trying to be careful when I first start to lay out with the blue lead, since I like solely using the blue lead.

The drawing was started at about maybe 2 AM so I guess it was technically done on Monday not Sunday, but eh semantics. I ended up finishing the drawing around 6 AM. Started watching the second season of Venture Bros on DVD got finished just when the last episode was over. I was hoping to get to bed earlier, but I got onto such a roll that I figured the sleep deprivation was worth it.

Well that would be all for now.
Soon I hope to start working on my collaborations with my best friend Sujin. Once I get some of those done I'll get them posted.

First Post Hooray

Well finally I started my own blog, I know it's about time I entered the online world and started to converse with others, but better late than never.

I plan on using this blog to update any sketchbook drawings or concept ideas I have. I figure this may help me get over my procrastination issues. So the first thing I'm posting is a sketch that I did a while ago that Is almost done being painted. Painting to be posted later.

Well that be it for now I'll make sure to post consistently.