That Guy in the Chair

Yet another oil painting I did awhile back. This one is of a guy who works at the local music store. This was his first time modeling and despite his issues remaining still and answering his phone while modeling, the painting turned out quite well. I wanted to get a feeling of loneliness and solitude in the piece. Originally the background was empty but I added the windows to help activate the space. For a simple portrait I think it turned out well. I do especially like the blue lighting in the area around his shoulder.

And fun note I actually painted this on masonite. I did a drawing of him first then scanned it into the computer. Placed a flat neutral brown under painting behind the drawing in Photoshop. I then printed it out at a height of about 44 inches. Finally I matte mediumed it to the masonite and then started painting.

Well I have posted quite a bit today. I think I may get some sleep now but I still may post more later today. Look forward to my picks from my trip to NYC, the interview I am doing, and some new fun website things. Night for now..... or morning.