So How Would You Train Your Dragon?

Finally got to see How to Train You Dragon last night, and frankly it was amazing. I loved the story, the characters, the animation, the style, the music; I loved it all. It is definitely going on the DVD list. The best part though was that it was inspiring. I was currently fighting with some ideas on my Beowulf project, and all the issues I was wondering about, the movie helped me solve. So now I feel re-energized and ready to paint.

Also I am finished with the drawings to my Beowulf pieces and I am deep in the paintings. I do not really have the time to upload them all now but in a week or so expect to see a lot.

The Good, The Bad, and the...... well that's pretty much it.


Well I finally found sometime to finish my movie review. It's been awhile since I went and saw DBE and my anger of the movie has died down so this won't be as extensive of a rant as I had before. This could also be due to the fact that it was exactly as terrible as I expected.

However, I did just recently see Star Trek for the second time, and for how bad DBE was Star Trek was that good. So I decided to talk of that as well.

And for note I wanted to repeat my stance on my review; "Now, is my opinion one that should be held in high regard? Are my views so eye-opening that anyone who reads this will regard my comments as genius?.... HELL NO. However, I do wish to express my opinion, as this is my blog I want to add a bit of personal flare and insight into my tastes."

I do give warning now this will CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Where to start with DBE? How about the characters? Chichi, she was at best bland. She just didn't matter, she was the stereotypical love interest who is there just for the sake of, well, being a love interest. She added nothing and had almost no personality. The Chichi from the old show, while on many occasions irritated me greatly at least was unique, the one in DBE could have been easily replaced with a card board cut out.

Bulma, Yamcha, and Piccolo were pretty bad as well but I want to try and make this review not too long. So lets look at Goku....ohh dear God Goku. It was as predicted he was a dumb angsty teen. He actually asked his grandfather if he could teach him something useful like how to get girls. Are you kidding me? What made Goku so endearing in the old show was that he was blissfully ignorant to the outside world and just cared about training. They took the uniqueness of the character and made him the same crappy-cookie-cutter-cutout as every modern day lead male role. Ha I think I like that

At least Roshi had moments of perversion, so that was a nice touch.

Lets see story/writing issues. Kind of vague I basically am just going to vent on what I found...... unpleasant. First of all the main part of the story takes place in 2 weeks. During this time the moon changes phases about 12 times. Apparently whoever made this movie never bothered too look out side their window too see that the moon takes a bit longer than that. Considering the moon is SUPPOSED to be important you think someone would look it up.

There was also this scene with what I assume were supposed to be saiba men in an underground lava pit. These creatures for some reason are almost invincible but fortunately can be destroyed in lava, boy that sure is convenient. Since the dragonball they were trying to get to was surrounded by lava and unreachable I thought this is where Goku would be able to fly, however, instead he makes a bridge out of Saiba men bodies and hops across the lava. I assume how dumb this is needs no further explanation.

Then there is Piccolo, most of his issues I find are in his story. He was captured and sealed in some artifact blah blah blah but the he escapes. Nice and typical. But wait how did he escape? I have no f'ing clue. They don't ever bother to mention which I guess normally wouldn't be relevant except for the fact that they were making a new artifact jar and planned on trapping him...... does anyone see the flaw in this? Perhaps he may ESCAPE again.

There is also the graphics. Dear god the end with the flying car was so badly green screened, it made 15 year old Sci-Fi channel original movies look like Lord of the Rings by comparison.

And finally Goku's abilities. He for some reason is the Avatar for he is an air-bender. He learned to use the Kamehameha which is an air-bending technique???? Which he is learning to use to light candles, as part of his training. Wait what? Why does an ability that uses air light things on fire? At least it's not like someone used it later as a form of CPR to bring someone back to life... ohh wait yeah they did. Hooray logic.

Then in the end Goku learns he was an evil minion of Piccolo as a giant monkey. And now the big finale, he transforms because of the solar eclipse... won't even get into how wrong that is. So, this must be where that large budget went right, huge gorilla? Yeah about that. He transforms and is a terrifying enormous.... 7 foot gorrilla, Ok? Then to top it off when he transforms back his clothes are perfectly intact. Wow, just wow has no one ever seen the hulk when clothes rip they stay ripped... arrggg the amateurish nature of this film is painful.

And with the wish of the dragonballs Goku wishes to bring back to life his Master Roshi who was killed by Piccolo. Yeah that makes sense he brings back the random pervert he knew for 2 weeks instead of his grandfather, who was all the family he had, yeah that makes sense.

Well fortunately after the abortion of a film that was DBE i got to see the glory that is Star Trek.

warning this will CONTAIN SPOILERS

Since my rant on DBE went a bit long I'll cut this one down a bit, that is of course if anyone is still reading at this point.

Wow this movie was amazing. The cast was great great. Sylar was a perfect Spock and Simon Peg was hilarious, as well as who ever it was that played Chekov. Every character was true to their original self, it was a thing of beauty.

The plot basically was about some angry Romulan workers who travel back in time and mess up the universe. Now what this did was create some large differences between this continuity and the original. In this world Planet Vulcan is destroyed, Kirk's father is dead, oh and yeah there are two Spocks, one being the great Leonard Nimoy.

What this does is create a universe with characters that are so true to their original intent but set up more movies for brand new stories and adventures. I wouldn't be surprised if in one or two sequels we get to see borg. Something that the original story did not have.

So as remakes go these two films are on polar opposite sides of the spectrum. While one was poorly made with lack of faith to the original or any sense of creativity the other went above and beyond to create a truly fantastic piece of cinema.

As I said before these rants are just my opinion please do not take it seriously or with any malice.

Well that's all for now look forward to more posts coming very very shortly.

Worst Movie Ever? Possibly

NOT MY ART!!!!!!!!!

As I'm sure many of you know Dragonball and Dragonball Z were very popular manga/anime series in the days of old. You may also know that soon the American live-action feature film will be released (I say American because other countries have made live-action abominations of it, but trust me you do not wish to see).

Now I know I use this blog to showcase my art and to update current projects but for some reason I feel compelled to make popular culture commentary. Now, is my opinion one that should be held in high regard? Are my views so eye-opening that anyone who reads this will regard my comments as genius?.... HELL NO. However, I do wish to express my opinion, as this is my blog I want to add a bit of personal flare and insight into my tastes. It isn't like this is the first time I've done this as awhile back I told everyone of how much I loved Iron Man.

Now can I say for certainty this movie is bad or good? No I can not for I haven't seen it, and no one can say it is or isn't because THEY HAVE NOT SEEN IT. All I can do is comment on what I have seen and thus I will.

Now considering the ridiculous nature of Dragonball I know that somethings have to be changed for a transition from anime to film. Such as what villain to use, Raditz, Piccolo, Vegeta? Also what side characters should there be, because lets face it Dragonball was not the best written thing ever and it's secondary cast of characters, while enjoyable were about as useful to the plot as a fork is to eating soup. So I understand story may change and am willing to accept it, sometimes directors and screen writers want to tell a different story with their own ideals, which can be good. I recently was talking to my friend about the Silent Hill movie. While it butchered the original plot in many horrible pyramid head-like raping ways, I thought it was still a good movie, and by far the best video game movie I have seen.

But i digress. My point being that I can understand changes. However, this movie doesn't seem to change the story so much as tie it in a bag beat it with sticks and throw it into the Pacific. Lets examine the cliche and complete lack of creativity this movie has to offer just within its promotion. First of all the title. Dragonball was the original title and then when Goku grew up it became Dragonball Z. So if he's a kid in the film you call it Dragonball if he is an adult in the movie you call it DBZ, seems to make sense. Well in the movie our hero is an... angsty teen.... huh? Like every other f'ing movie the hero has to be a teen cause otherwise no one will relate to him. So the title of this film Dragonball Evolution. Are you serious? What the hell is it with movie makers who think it's a good idea to attach cool words like evolution, do they think that unless it sounds unnecessarily epic we won't care? Here is an idea call it fucking Dragonball we will get the damn concept.

Ok, well Goku is a teen, well this may be a change but perhaps he will keep that obliviously sweet and innocent nature he has that made him such a cute kid and terrible father. Seeing the latest preview no..... he is that poor kid who gets picked on by bullies (probably cause of his hair) but then finds his true power and can now fight back. How original, not like Transformers, Forbidden Kingdom, or any other recent movie. So, no, Goku does not even have the same in personality.

Well then his powers they are the same right, he was an alien child with a monkey tail who when the moon was full turned into a giant gorilla. And through years of training he learns to hone his great power and shoots energy blasts. NO he has no damn tail, he hasn't trained for years, and he has telekinesis. WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT? Telekinesis that's not even close to anything like Goku at all. I mean so far the only similarities to this and the original is that he has spiky hair but even that looks like shit? No one has hair that looks that stupid even the anime character's hair wasn't that bad.

Also look at the poster I added, EVEN THE POSTERS ARE SHIT. Look at it, if the damn ball is giving off the light why is there no light under his eyebrow? And why is there a cast shadow on his neck? If the light from the ball was that damn bright his whole face would be washed out. It's obvious that all they did, was have him stand there with a light far off to his side and take a picture. Then they put a crappy background around him, horribly Photoshop the plastic mass that is his hair, and then some jerk got way too happy with the damn lens flare filter. In case you didn't know that is possibly the cheesiest filter in all of digital imagery, so here's a hint DON"T USE IT.

I could rant more about what I've seen like how Piccolo looks, the fact Master Roshi isn't bald or a silly pervert, or the renditions of any of the secondary cast, but I will leave it there.

Sorry I do not mean to sound pretentious, I just see a car wreck happening in front of me that's about to kill my childhood and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I know Dragonball was not the best thing written in fact at times it was pretty terrible, but either way it deserved better than the raping it seems to have received. If you are going to take someone's intellectual property and make it into a movie at least show it a little bit of respect.

Now will I go see this film? Definitely. I can't say something is bad without seeing it, that would make me a douche. After all it is a small piece of my childhood. If nothing else my low expectations for this will only help the movie pleasantly surprise me when I see it. I can hope for the best but I doubt it.

That's all for now. I feel much better after that nice long rant.

P.S. there is a rumor on a website that apparently the sequel has already been green lit..... God help us all.

Outlandish and Fantastic

illustration was created by

This post is a bit late in relation to its subject matter but unfortunately I've been busy this past week or so. I had just seen Iron Man for the second time and I must say it is still the best damn super hero movie I've seen. It was perfect. The story's build up and continuity was superb. The special effects and designs were amazing. The cast exemplified the characters faultlessly. It was so good that at this point I hold it in a higher regard than the first Spider-man. Although, that may be due to the bad attitude of Toby Maguire and the atrocity that was Spider-man 3. It also helps that I am a big fan of the direction that Marvel is taking with its movies. They are casting actors who care more about the role and less about their ego and also having them sign contracts for multiple movies ahead of time.

Edward Norton is casted as Bruce Banner for the Hulk movie
coming out next month, and when he was signed on for it he actually helped them rewrite the script. This way they were able to sever all ties to the Hulk movie by Ang Lee, which was a very good idea. And hell Iron Man is scheduled to make a cameo in the Hulk movie. I just love how Marvel is now treating its movies like its comics by having crossovers with consistent cast members.

I know this post seems like a tangent from my personal art related posts, but hey I figure I'm in the entertainment business and will start working on comics of my own soon. Thus the adaptations of comics today seems quite relevant to me and my work.