Back with more Magic (Magic #5)

Hello Everyone! After and unfortunate very long absence I am back. After a few months of conventions, financial issues, and computer death I finally had time to get back to updating. And ohh the updating I shall have.

First up are some pages for Magic the Gathering: The Spell Thief #1 (or Magic issue 5). This issue in particular had some really interesting settings which really allowed me to go crazy with my coloring. It was quite fun. If you have not already looked into this comic series I highly recommend.

That is all for now I hope you enjoyed it.

Massive Art Update Part 7: Magic #4

We are almost at the end of the Massive Update. Here we have the latest published issue of Magic the Gathering. These are pages from issue #4 where the story has culminated in an epic battle between our protagonist and the person he has been hunting. Because this is the big battle that has been culminating for a few issues there are a lot of really great magic spells that are used and thus leading to some of my favorite pages. I really had so much fun coloring some of my favorite magic card spells brought into the comic. Like you can see in page 16 the summoning of a Sturmgeist.

That is all for this update and the last comic update I will have. I hope you have been enjoying the large influx of posts. Next time we go back to the card art.

Massive Art Update Part 4: Magic #3

On this update as promised is some more comic work. Specifically one of my favorite pages from Magic #3. I really had fun with the different light sources on this page. I especially liked the first panel where Dack is surrounded by vampires.

Next update expect to see some new card art. But this time not from L5R.

Massive Art Update Part 2: Magic #2

Update part 2 is some samples of the coloring work I did for Magic #2. Pages 5, 20, and 21. It has been a pleasure to work on this comic for IDW and especially to color the amazing art of Martin. 

And if you have not been reading this you really should the story is quite fun.

I hope you enjoyed part 2 and stay tuned for some new trading card art in part 3.

Images From Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day was awesome. Got to meet some great fans and had a good time hanging with the staff at Larger Than Life. Since I had so much fun I decided to share some photos from the day including one of me with a quick sketch I did of Ms Marvel for Larger Than Life's owner TJ.

It was a great day and I hope to do it again next year.

Signing Things at Free Comic Book Day

Saturday May 5th is Free Comic Book Day and I will be signing copies of IDW's Magic the Gathereing comic at a local comic shop. I will be at Larger Than Life Toys and Comics from 10 AM - 1 PM. So if you want copies of Magic signed, have any questions for me, or just want to say hi feel free to sop on by.

I will also be selling some signed copies of my printed trading cards, postcards, and possibly even some large prints.
If you are interested in getting some swag.

Hopefully I will see you there.

Larger Than Life is located at the Great Northern Mall
4155 Rt. 31 Clay, NY 13041 
(315) 622-1891  


MAGIC! The Gathering, the Comic... the Colorist

Well the day is finally here the release of IDW's Magic the Gathering comic and the big news..... I was the colorist for this.

This project has been amazing, not only did I get to work with such talented people, but also with a product I love so much. Even when I first started to read the script for this I was like; "I know what that is and I know this plane" I was geeking out to the fullest extent. And as amazing fantasy illustrator Chris Moeller (who did illustrate a variant cover for this issue) told me "it's through IDW, but you know Magic's got to approve it all, so it does touch hallowed ground at some point.' Which just the thought of that makes me smile.

Getting past all the geeking outness the project itself is amazing, the story by Matt Forbeck is awesome, and the linework by Martin Coccolo is just sublime. I mean the second I saw the way he penciled the comic I was thrilled. Especially the way he lets the texture of the pencil show it allows me to bring the colors through the dark shadow areas which is something I love to do. I just hope I did his fantastic linework justice.

The images attached are one of the covers by illustrator Aleksi Briclot and a few of my favorite pages in this issue. Which include our hero running away from a fight, getting into a fight, and about to get into another fight. Needless to say it is action packed.

This has all been really fantastic and I just wanted to thank my editor Carlos Guzman for being so amazing and bringing me in on this. It is a magic nerd's dream.

I hope everyone likes the comic. But make sure to go out there and buy it make it a best seller.

Vampire RARRRR!!!

Well I finally got around to posting this image. Sorry it took me so long it has been extremely hectic these past few weeks.

What I wanted to do was an illustration that could be used for something such as a magic card, and I hadn't done a horizontal composition in awhile so I thought this was a good opportunity. Magic card illustrations being approximately 2 inches by 3 inches.

Originally I wasn't sure what I was going to do for this so I got some assistance I was able to get some shots in on a group photo reference session. The model Stacy had multiple costumes and poses. I ended up with a ton of shots. There was however, this one where she had this red reflected light from underneath and it looked so cool. So I gave her fangs and made her a vampire. As is apparently my nature.

She was a fantastic model, great to work with and she had really really good facial structure, it was very fortunate to have her for this piece.

For the trees I spent a day at the cemetery taking photos of trees. It was fun until I ended up getting lost. Then as I tried to find my way out the sky darkened and the wind which was strong at that point became silent. I then heard a bloodcurdling roar. Before my very eyes I saw the dead come alive. They started to burst from the graves. luckily there was an abandoned truck left by the groundskeepers nearby. There were no keys in it so I couldn't drive it, as if I could anyway. However in the back of the bed I found an extremely large set of hedge clippers. They worked very effectively in chopping off zombie heads or stabbing them in the chest, it was a nice multi-purpose weapon. I mowed down a few before I realized how lost I was and I started to become surrounded. At that moment luck was on my side as a bolt of lightning shot from the sky and hit a tree that collapsed upon then. This gave me the time I needed to escape. I was fortunate to hear the sounds of cars. Covered in blood and viscera I headed that way and low and behold I eventually got back to Comstock. I ran as fast as I could. I dropped the clippers off on the side of the road, and to my advantage the rain had washed off most of the blood. I ran up to the second floor of the art building to realize I was a half hour late to this figure class I sit in on. I then got out my drawing pad, I wanted to try and use pen and ink that day.

Ok that didn't happen but it would have been awesome if it did. I did get lost in the cemetary though, and was a half hour late. There was something unnerving about being lost on a dark and rainy day in a cemetery. I thought it deserved a good story.

Well that's that I have another piece done now and as soon as I get time to scan it in I will post. It is a traditional painting, which yeah has been a while for me, of a demon girl with red glowing eyes, fangs, dual-light, and in side profile. I know I've seen an image like that somewhere before hmmm...... ahh well I'll post again soon.