Illuxcon 2011 + NYCC Wrap Up

With NY Comic Con done it is now Illuxcon that is on its way.

First though I should wrap up my trip to NYCC. It was really fantastic got to meet some great artists like Bobby Chiu, David Mack, Michelle Dickens, and Ebas. Even made some contacts with comic companies that will hopefully flesh out into full comic gigs. And the best part is a friend of mine  got an interview with DC while there. I am so excited over that.

But now that all of that is done it is time for me to leave for Illuxcon in a few hours. It should be amazing I have a portfolio review lined up with Jon Schindehette, I will be getting many magic cards signed, and will get the pleasure to see Pat and Jeannie Wilshire again as that is always a highlight.

But now I must finish preparing for my departure but expect lots of awesome pictures and hopefully some good news.

PS if you happen to be there and want to play some magic hit me up. I shall have my decks with me and would love to get down on a game.

Illuxcon Wrap Up

Illuxcon was the coolest event ever. I got so much stuff, met so many great artists, and saw lots of awesome presentations, had 34 magic cards signed and bought 10 art books.

I uploaded some pictures one is of myself, J. S Choi, Mike Burns, Brandon, and first ever Illie award winner Mark Zug. Who by the way can rock a guitar. They had a jam night there and it was awesome.

The next has me, J. S. Choi, Mark Nelson and Jon Schindehette. Apparently there was caution, for groping was occurring. But seriously though Mark was great I ended up doing an art book trade with him which was awesome. And Jon was a great guy he looked through my work and gave me some really positive feedback. Hopefully I will be working for him at some point (knocks on wood).

Another picture is of Greg Hildebrandt working on a painting of Smaug. A really cool thing had happened when I had the chance to talk to him. I asked him if he could sign some of my magic cards and he did cause he is a really cool guy. Then I gave him some of my postcards in return. And when he looked at my work he told me it was beautiful and asked ME if I would sign them for him. That was such a magnificent experience it was a huge highlight of the convention.

There are a million other stories of awesome that happened that weekend but I will not bore you with the details. I most definitely plan on going back next year. So on a final note.

Jeannie and Pat are amazing and I thank them and those who donated art to the scholarship so much. It is an experience I will treasure forever.