Sorry I Have Been Gone so Long but Here's Why....

Hey everybody long time no see. I was planning on posting some new work awhile ago but out of nowhere I got hit with so much stuff. Some extremely good and others really REALLY bad.

First of all I went on a small vacation to Florida to visit that family. It was great got to spend a lot of time with friends and family that I rarely get to. In fact I spent ALL my time with them. Which while great left little time for much else. I was able to get sketches done on some assignments, but not much else, thus the lack of posting.

While in Florida my mom insisted on going to Busch Gardens and HARRY POTTER WORLD!!!!!!!! And by that I mean Islands of Adventure. Which the trip there was amazing. I got lots of souvenirs including my own fancy new wand. And as you can see from the picture here we all got some fancy wands. You can see my mom on the end there.

That was the "good" for my trip as far as the "bad" that happened on my return home. I was stricken with another bad stomach attack, bad enough even to send me to the hospital. Fortunately this time they figured out what was wrong. I had gallstones. And now I have to schedule a surgery to have my gallbladder removed. Not fun times especially considering my sudden change in diet. All in all though not too bad and this will cure my reoccurring attacks.

As you can see after all this hecticness it has been quite hard to get back in the posting rhythm. Fortunately I am back and do have all fun new goodies to share so expect them soon. And this time I mean it.