Frazetta Tribute Gallery Opens TODAY!!!

Today is the big opening for Gallery Provocateur's Frank Frazetta Tribute show. As some of you may already know I was fortunate enough to have my piece Warrior Atop the Snow Covered Peak selected for the exhibition.

Sadly though because of constraints I will not be able to make it to the opening. If anyone happens to be going please let me know how the show goes. And if you are going to be in Chicago for C2E2 you should take a break and stop by the gallery.

Also while there will be a large framed print of my piece for sale in the gallery I will also be selling extra signed prints through the gallery. More information on that can be found at the gallery itself.

I hope anyone who gets a chance to go has a wonderful time. I wish I could be there with you.

Gallery Provocateur Frank Frazetta Tribute Exhibition

Hey everyone I have some great news my Frazetta tribute piece was accepted into the Frazetta Tribute show at the Gallery Provocateur. The show opens the weekend of March 18-20. The same weekend as C2E2 in Chicago. The show will be going on for three months so if you get a chance go check it out there will be lots of amazing paintings.

Also my buddy J. S. Choi got a piece into the gallery as well so make sure to check it out as well as the rest of the gallery.

I am not sure if I can personally make it out there for the opening but if anyone goes there please let me know how it is.