Frazetta Tribute Gallery Opens TODAY!!!

Today is the big opening for Gallery Provocateur's Frank Frazetta Tribute show. As some of you may already know I was fortunate enough to have my piece Warrior Atop the Snow Covered Peak selected for the exhibition.

Sadly though because of constraints I will not be able to make it to the opening. If anyone happens to be going please let me know how the show goes. And if you are going to be in Chicago for C2E2 you should take a break and stop by the gallery.

Also while there will be a large framed print of my piece for sale in the gallery I will also be selling extra signed prints through the gallery. More information on that can be found at the gallery itself.

I hope anyone who gets a chance to go has a wonderful time. I wish I could be there with you.

Gallery Provocateur Frank Frazetta Tribute Exhibition

Hey everyone I have some great news my Frazetta tribute piece was accepted into the Frazetta Tribute show at the Gallery Provocateur. The show opens the weekend of March 18-20. The same weekend as C2E2 in Chicago. The show will be going on for three months so if you get a chance go check it out there will be lots of amazing paintings.

Also my buddy J. S. Choi got a piece into the gallery as well so make sure to check it out as well as the rest of the gallery.

I am not sure if I can personally make it out there for the opening but if anyone goes there please let me know how it is.

Warrior Atop the Snow Covered Peak (Frazetta Tribute)

After much procrastination with posting here it is my Frazetta tribute piece entitled Warrior Atop the Snow Covered Peak. I have had this done for awhile and already have new sketches to show, so expect those soon.

I think the painting turned out well I really liked where my color palette went, and of course that is all thanks to great Frazetta. I think I will try and play around with these more colorful palettes in the future.

The judging for the gallery that I submitted this to should occur sometime in December, I will make sure to let everyone knows if it gets in the show.

Hopefully i did proper in honor of the great Frazetta.

Frazetta Tribute DRAWING

I know I have been way past posting this but here it is the finished drawing to my Frazetta Tribute piece. The funny thing is I am already done with the painting so expect to see that posted soon. I have just been caught up by many things the past few weeks. In fact, I am currently posting this from the airport as I am waiting to head to Florida for my cousin's wedding.

As far as the drawing goes I reworked her anatomy a bit and played around with the gesture of the cats. I think it turned out well and the finish painting I am really proud of.

Expect to see the finish for this as well as some brand new stuff for my sci-fi/fantasy pin-up series, and some special new awesomeness.

That is all for now, as I am leaving on a jet plane.

P.S. a belated Happy Halloween I hope everyone had a good time.

Frazetta Tribute

I am currently working on a Frank Fraztta tribute piece. It is my submission for a gallery that is putting together a full tribute exhibition. They already have uploaded some work in progress and finished work at there site here.

With this piece I wanted to get the essence of Frazetta's work, thus naked woman with big cats. At the same time I tried to pay special attention to the composition as well as the style of facial features.

I actually took a lot of influence from some Frazetta pieces that are not women with big cats. One such piece is Frazetta's snow giants. I used that as the basis for color as well as the environment. As well as his cover to Dark Crusade. I was greatly influenced by the symmetrical composition that is balanced on each side by cliff faces.

This piece while very much a pin up is not a part of my ongoing pin up series. That I will however be continuing very shortly so expect to see some new progress on those. I should have this finished soon so keep a look out for it.

Goodbye Mr. Frazetta

If you are unaware, today we lost a great pioneer to the realm of fantasy art, Frank Frazetta. He was a legend, an icon, and an artistic genius. Frazetta revolutionized the fantasy genre, it is thanks to him that the fantasy/sci-fi genre is what it is today. If it not for him fantasy would still be an underground movement and not the massively appreciated genre it is today. His paintings have been a great inspiration to me, from their subject matter, composition, to the sophisticated painting style they had. His artwork has continued to influence me since the day I saw it. He was a great pioneer who without his inspiration I am not sure I would be the artist I am today. If you are not familiar with his work look it up right now. And don't just google a few images, find a book of his and look I mean really look at it only then can you truly appreciate it.

So to Mr. Frazetta I want to say thank you for everything you will be missed. Cheers.

NOTE* to see some of Frank Frazetta's work go here the unofficial website.

More information about his passing can be seen here Frank Frazetta dies at 82, NY Times.