and........ FENCE!

This is a quick illustration I had done recently. After taking a fencing class I wanted to incorporate my new found knowledge of proper fencing stances into my sci-fi/fantasy work. The female fighter is striking at the male opponent with a lunge while he defends with parry #8.

I decided to apply this new knowledge to what the future Olympics would be like. Which obviously would be involve jet pack feet and matches in the sky. I also based their new full body armor upon the current fencing uniforms. While there are some significant changes you can see great similarities in the torso armor, as well as gloves and masks.

You may also notice that the fighters are from German and Italy respectively. I did this as homage to the 2008 Olympic games. For they represent the female individual epee winner Britta Heidemann and men's individual epee winner Matteo Tagliariol.

Just a simple painting, but more to come soon, expect some process on my Beowulf project.