This is a personal project I have been working on for awhile. It's a fun monster destruction piece I haven't done one of those in awhile so I thought it was about time.

In between my projects I am working on some studies for this and I should have those done soon and will be able to post them.

Not to much to say about this piece mostly just that that guy is totally screwed. Ohh and when it is painted there will be a fire ball coming from the worm's mouth so yeah he is REALLY screwed.

Hope everyone enjoys.

After the Kill

After the Kill is the third installment of my sci-fi fantasy pin-up series. This one depicts an Asian warrior sitting while holding her umbrella after a kill. (also featured is a detail shot)

I wanted to capture that very powerful feel of the character after a fierce battle while at the same time still being sexy.

I decided to only slightly hint at the idea of a battle so the hints I gave where the blood covered sword tip at the end of her umbrella and the silhouette of the defeated dragon in the background.

I am really happy with the way this one turned out. I am especially proud of the colors and the facial expression of the character.

I really hope everyone likes this and at some point expect more of the pin-up series to come.

A New Year and the return of the Pin-Up Series

Happy New Year I hope everyone had a good one. Well it is the start of a new year so I'm bringing it back old school. Here is the drawing for the latest addition to my sci-fi/fantasy pin-up series.

This piece has actually already been finished for about a month now just as per usual I didn't get around to posting it.

You may have noticed but this was not one of my original pin-ups planned but there have been a few changes since then. I didn't care for where some of them were going so I decided to rework them. You can see the updated list below.

That be all for now but expect to see the finish uploaded soon along with some drawings and studies for new work.

Galactic Temptress: COMPLETE "X Marks the Spot"
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: COMPLETE "Wrapped Around Her Finger"
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
Asian Dragon Slayer:
COMPLETE "After the Kill"
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage

Elven Ladies: Reference Stage

Frazetta Tribute

I am currently working on a Frank Fraztta tribute piece. It is my submission for a gallery that is putting together a full tribute exhibition. They already have uploaded some work in progress and finished work at there site here.

With this piece I wanted to get the essence of Frazetta's work, thus naked woman with big cats. At the same time I tried to pay special attention to the composition as well as the style of facial features.

I actually took a lot of influence from some Frazetta pieces that are not women with big cats. One such piece is Frazetta's snow giants. I used that as the basis for color as well as the environment. As well as his cover to Dark Crusade. I was greatly influenced by the symmetrical composition that is balanced on each side by cliff faces.

This piece while very much a pin up is not a part of my ongoing pin up series. That I will however be continuing very shortly so expect to see some new progress on those. I should have this finished soon so keep a look out for it.

Goodbye Mr. Frazetta

If you are unaware, today we lost a great pioneer to the realm of fantasy art, Frank Frazetta. He was a legend, an icon, and an artistic genius. Frazetta revolutionized the fantasy genre, it is thanks to him that the fantasy/sci-fi genre is what it is today. If it not for him fantasy would still be an underground movement and not the massively appreciated genre it is today. His paintings have been a great inspiration to me, from their subject matter, composition, to the sophisticated painting style they had. His artwork has continued to influence me since the day I saw it. He was a great pioneer who without his inspiration I am not sure I would be the artist I am today. If you are not familiar with his work look it up right now. And don't just google a few images, find a book of his and look I mean really look at it only then can you truly appreciate it.

So to Mr. Frazetta I want to say thank you for everything you will be missed. Cheers.

NOTE* to see some of Frank Frazetta's work go here frankfrazetta.org the unofficial website.

More information about his passing can be seen here Frank Frazetta dies at 82, NY Times.

The REAL Beowulf

I know it has been a bit since my last post but I assure you I will have a lot to show you soon. I wanted to upload this to start off. It is from my reference shoot with my model Wil for the Beowulf project.

Since I generally like to show my process on this blog I figured I should show some of my reference shots for once, and I figured since this shoot turned out particularly well I would show something from it.

I am actually quite far on the project as of right now I am working on the third and final finish drawing for the project. Expect to see some finish drawings soon as well as some other posts.

Now in COLOR

I have been a bit busy as of late so I have neglected my posting. I do however have many things to post. This one is the color studies for my Beowulf project.

I think I will end up going with the bottom ones for the first two projects and then a combination of the 2 for the third one, with it being dominantly the green one. It does seem to give a more eerie vibe which I like.

I have already shot my reference and even finished some of the drawings so expect to see those soon.

BEOWULF value studies

Here is some WIP for my upcoming Beowulf project. Each image represents a battle Beowulf has. First the battle with Grendel, then Grendel's mother, and finally the dragon. I have some color studies in the work as well and will post those soon.

Also later today is the big photo shoot for this project. Perhaps I will show some of the shots as well.

Wrapped Around Her Finger

The second one is done. Here it is the second in my pin-up series called Wrapped Around Her Finger. With this one I wanted to harp back to the classical styles of Frank Frazetta, with the sensual women in the wild with mythical serpents. However, I wanted to get a more fantastical ideal across with her, instead of just a woman with snakes. Thus I wanted to convey her as this mythic creature who herself is very serpentine-like.

As always the finish is done in Corel Painter.

I may not have time to work on the pin-up series for a little bit. However, the next piece will be my angelic beauty one.

Galactic Temptress: COMPLETE "X Marks the Spot"
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: COMPLETE "Wrapped Around Her Finger"
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage

Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

......Like a Woman Scorned

Here is the finish piece of my lightning goddess "Hell Hath No Fury" done in Corel painter. As I have said in previous posts this is a depiction of my character Irreidia from my mythology as she battles against a horde of wraiths.

Currently I am making the finishing touches upon my serpent mistress and will have that piece posted soon.

That be all for now as I must return to painting.

A Drawing Not Jusssssst a Ssssssketch

I finally had time to scan in the drawing for my serpent mistress piece. And thus here it is. I plan on working up some value and color studies later today, so perhaps I will be able to post those sometime soon. If all goes well I should have this piece done soon, thus updates should come faster than normal.

Currently I am extremely swamped with work so I shall get back to it. I hope you enjoyed the drawing.

A Sssssimple Ssssssketch.

I have been meaning to post this sketch for awhile now but life has been so hectic I have only just now got around to it. It is the sketch for my second pin-up piece my serpent mistress. The process for this piece is much further along than this post would make it seem. I have already finished the final drawing and now I am working on some value and color roughs.

As soon as I get the finished drawing scanned in I will make sure to post it. A bit sooner than this one I hope.

I have been working on some other projects as well not only my pin-up series. Expect to see a new sketch for quite an epic piece soon.

Well, that is all for now, until later.

Galactic Temptress: COMPLETE "X Marks the Spot"
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Value/Color Studies
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage

Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

At Donato's Studio

I recently took a trip to NYC with some friends to visit the sci-fi/fantasy illustrator Donato at his studio in Brooklyn. He shared some of his knowledge, we got to watch him work, and even got some great posters to take with us. Some of the pics I uploaded were; a group shot of us (top), Donato working on his latest illustration commission (middle), and Donato when he was lecturing about color, composition, and how he first got into the business (bottom).

Donato is a great artist and a very welcoming guy. If you ever get the chance to meet him I highly recommend it.

Until next time.

Pin-Ups, First Sketch for GALACTIC TEMPTRESS

I did the first rough sketch for my Galactic Temptress piece. The bottom image is the full drawing I did. While I liked all the environmental components there are, I realized the image would be much better cropped, thus the top image. It brings the attention fully to the figure while I believe still keeping the elegance of the full image. However even though the proportions work better now it will still need some slight modifications for the final i.e. a third step, more of the planet, the metal work needs to be smaller, and I want to add in some more space ships so they can create a curve to help move your eye through the piece.

Currently I started to work on some color studies for this piece which when I get done I will post.

I have also been sketching out some ideas for my Serpent Mistress piece. I'll probably have those scanned in to post about the same time as the color studies for this one.

Those be the updates for now, keep a look out for updates soon.

Galactic Temptress: Color Studies
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Sketch Stage
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage
Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage


As of late I have had a great desire to do some pin-up art. I decided to do an extended project consisting of seven thematically different sci-fi fantasy pin-up images. This may take me awhile so I will systematically update the progress. I have already started collecting inspiration and taking reference photos.

Following is a list of the different images done in my usual progress fashion.

Galactic Seductress: Reference Stage
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Reference Stage
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage
Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

These names are more of placeholders for now, just used for description. I have become more interested in this project so yes some of my older ones will wait a bit longer than intended. However, I think this project will turn out amazingly.

That is all for now, but be on the look out for the first sketches.

Little Sketch and ANOTHER NEW LINK (I swear this is the last one)

Sadly, I don't have access to a good scanner right now so I can not really show most of what I have been doing. I did however decide to take a photo of my latest sketch, this way I can at least show everyone a small piece of what I have been up to.

I used a friend of mine, Jen, as the model. Instead of just doing a straight up portrait I decided to make her an Elven type creature. Yay Elves, fun times. Other than that the image is self explanatory. I will upload a better quality image once I get to a good scanner.

Also, I know I said I wouldn't do this again but I made another portfolio site. This one is at Imagine Fx's site. Same deal as always this link will be added to the top of my blog in case you want to see.

That would be all for tonight, but I shall have more sketchbook goodness soon.