Illuxcon 2011 Wrap Up

Illuxcon 4 has finally passed and what an awesome convention it was. As always I was completely humbled by the amazing artwork I saw there, and of course also by all the feedback I received on my work. The good news though is it did give me much clarity on where my work needs to go and what level I am at. I feel like my work is right on the precipice and I just need to find a way to push it to the next level. Even Michael Hayes used the analogy of leveling up when talking about my work and he was amazingly helpful. I definitely got a lot of notes from him.

The feedback I got on my work all around was amazing though especially from the artists who I had met last year like Dan Dos Santos, Steve Prescott, Allen Williams, Justin Gerard, Donato, Mark Zug, Chris Moeller, Jeremy McHugh, Marc Scheff (who I really owe a lot to) and so many others. There feedback was truly invaluable.

I also had the pleasure of getting to meet some amazing artists who I did not get the chance to before. I had the pleasure of having some great conversations with Travis Lewis and got to watch him work which was amazing. As well as watching Alan Pollack paint at his booth (as can bee seen in the pic).

Another great person I got to talk to was Cynthia Sheppard (image at the top). Her feedback on my work and my portfolio was so helpful. She was definitely a big highlight of the convention this year. And I was fortunate enough to get one of her artist print magic cards. Which of course went right into the deck.

Also I had the pleasure to again meet up with Jon Schindehette and have him look over my work, which went really well. His critique was very insightful and from what I gather from him I am at least on the right track.

On the last day of the con I did get to do something truly awesome. I got to hang out with Chris Moeller at his booth and play some magic with him. I played my new vampire deck and my blue/white against his all Moeller deck. It was so much fun, I can not wait to do it again next year. 

Lastly I just want to say how awesome Jeanne and Pat are for holding Illuxcon. Everything was fantastic and it was a real pleasure to see them again. Especially watching Jeanne snipe everyone with her camera.

So here is looking forward to Illuxcon 5 2012.


Currently I am sitting in my hotel room just waiting to head over to Illuxcon. It is going to be intense so much stuff to do. I am so excited.

I am sure I will have tons of new pictures and new stuff to share soon but until then I shall share my excitement.....