Haibane Renmei Collaboration

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Finished my first collaboration with Julia "Sujin". She did the line work and I did the coloring. The drawing is of the character Reki from the anime Haibane Renmei. We did this as a practice piece to see how well we can collab. Thus being the reason we just went with a simple fan art.

The combination of her stylized line work and my painterly coloring style turned out really well. Since this piece ended up looking good we've started to plan our next collab. Sujin is going to start working on a comic book page for me to color. If the finished turns out well we plan on starting on fully finished comic books. We plan on switching off on the stories as well as even writing some together.

Our collabs are still in the early stages but hopefully we'll work well together and soon will be able to start making our own comics.