Figure Painting in the New Age

A few weeks back I did something interesting with the digital painting class I teach. I had a model come in and we did some live digital painting from the model. I figured it was a nice relaxing class to have just before spring break.

The model was great, the students did a great job, and I think they really enjoyed it.

ILL 400 Digital Painting with Corel Painter...HELLS YEAH

It is official, my digital painting class is a go. I will be teaching an illustration class at Syracuse University that focuses on digital painting. The class will be similar to that of an illustration class just with the assignments being done in Painter.

The class will meet Friday mornings starting this fall semester. I am quite excited about it and I can not wait to start teaching.

I also attached a copy of the poster I made to promote the class. It shows some of the process steps to my Zombie Cannon piece.