The Week in Review

No artwork to post today, this is more just an update on what has been going on and what is to come. After all it's been a very exciting, busy and historic week. Obviously the biggest news of the week is finally someone I voted for actually won an election, congrats to President Elect Obama. I vote in Florida not NY so many of the candidates I vote for usually have a snowball's chance in Hell, thankfully it wasn't like that this time.

I am however very unhappy that in California Prop 8 and in Florida Amendment 2 got passed. I was quite upset. I just hope they eventually get overturned, I'd like to see some of friends get married.

Any who enough with politics. Most of this week consisted of me being sick which has sadly set my schedule for my projects behind a bit. On Friday I spent the day in NYC, which also helped set my schedule back. It was really fun though despite still feeling under the weather. Met up with my former roommate and fellow Ringling grad Mark, who showed me around Central Park. Went to the Met, this being my second visit, and it is still an amazing place. The highlight of the trip though had to be going to the Society of Illustrators. It was amazing I had goosebumps walking through the halls, seeing work from Howard Chandler Christy, John LaGatta, and Norman Rockwell just chilling on the walls. Even got to go up to the third floor dinning hall and there were about half a dozen illustrators hanging and playing poker. It was definately a sight to see.

Also I recently submitted some work to the Society of Illustrators' Illustration Annual for the first time. Hopefully something will get in (knock on wood).

Stuff to come: I will be posting my final monster engine piece, within the next week. By November 20th I'll have my Slayers cover and a Cinderella Piece done. The Cinderella one is based on taking the story of Cinderella and placing it in another culture. Both of those should be done by the 20th and thus posted sometime after that.

That be all for now keep checking for updates.