2010 The Year in Review

2010 has been quite an interesting year, hell it has been an amazing year. I was very fortunate to start getting some really nice jobs, got into ImagineFX (although you won't see me in there till next year), and I won one of the Illuxcon scholarships. It has truly been an amazing year.

In fact I remember talking with a friend of mine Mike Burns about how 2010 was our year. See he as well as my other friend J. S. Choi have all started to get some great jobs this year, things for all of us have really picked up. And if you are not familiar with their work please make sure to check them out.

It feels like our careers are really taking off. Now I am eagerly looking forward to 2011. I have some really cool gigs coming up that I can not wait to share with you guys, and I also have some really awesome personal projects and samples that will be done soon. Also expect the third installment of my pin-up series to be posted soon. It is finished I just have to actually post it.

Hopefully 2011 can be just as exciting as 2010. So cheers to a great new year to you and yours.


Updates Updates Updates

Updates, mostly my website. After a long wait I've finally got my website updated with my recent work. www.level20artist.com. New art, new bio, new bio image, all good stuff. I do have some more images on the slate to be posted here and on the "official" site.

To come: Digital Terrible Tower Illustration, and the finish painting of my adorable sea monster.

I hope everyone had a good New Year. And here is to another year and another full slate of work and art.