Imagine FX Issue 72 DVD Feature

Today I got my copy of Imagine FX issue number 72 the issue in which I am on the dvd. This issue was released in the US on August 11th so I am a bit behind with letting everyone know. But I wanted to see the issue first to know for sure that I was in it. And low and behold I am.

So if you can I say go pick up this issue it has a lot of awesome stuff in it and of course the cover is done by the great Bobby Chiu.

ImagineFX Image of the Day

So apparently on April 6th my image The End of a Legend was selected as the image of the day on ImagineFX's website. Sadly I did not find out about this until just now. But either way this is so freaking awesome. I was so excited to hear the news. If you are interested in seeing the original piece on the ImagineFX website here is the link. The people at ImagineFX are truly awesome, I thank them so much for this great honor.

Imagine FX 68 FXpose Feature

After much waiting it is finally out. Issue 68 of Imagine FX where I was extremely fortunate enough to be featured in the FXpose section.

As you can see from the image the pieces that were depicted are Hell Hath No Fury and Wrapped Around Her Finger. And awesomely enough I don't think I have ever seen Hell Hath No Fury print that well.

Also in the article there was a fantastic crit of my work. Which was so awesome to see.

It was such an honor to be featured in IFX. I am still all giddy.

2010 The Year in Review

2010 has been quite an interesting year, hell it has been an amazing year. I was very fortunate to start getting some really nice jobs, got into ImagineFX (although you won't see me in there till next year), and I won one of the Illuxcon scholarships. It has truly been an amazing year.

In fact I remember talking with a friend of mine Mike Burns about how 2010 was our year. See he as well as my other friend J. S. Choi have all started to get some great jobs this year, things for all of us have really picked up. And if you are not familiar with their work please make sure to check them out.

It feels like our careers are really taking off. Now I am eagerly looking forward to 2011. I have some really cool gigs coming up that I can not wait to share with you guys, and I also have some really awesome personal projects and samples that will be done soon. Also expect the third installment of my pin-up series to be posted soon. It is finished I just have to actually post it.

Hopefully 2011 can be just as exciting as 2010. So cheers to a great new year to you and yours.



About a month and a half ago I was informed that I am scheduled to be in issue 67 of Imagine FX, (however the specific issue is subject to change). Imagine FX is a fantasy digital art magazine based out of the UK. I am set to be featured in the FXpose section.

Some of the art you'll see will be pieces from my sci-fi/fantasy pin-up series as well as my Beowulf series.

This is the first time I will be in Imagine FX so I am extremely excited. The issue itself will be released in the UK on February 8th and then between 3 to 4 week later here in the states. It will be awhile before it's out but I will make sure to keep everyone informed between now and then. Make sure you go pick up a copy.

Practice Makes Perfect

As of late I have been hitting the books hard. I decided to do a bit of figure studying as well as some exploration into new digital techniques. So Picked up some interesting digital books. One by Don Seegmiller, The DIGITAL PAINTING BIBLE, and one compilation of workshops released by ImagineFX. I have only begun to scratch the surface, but so far they have been quite helpful.

I also got some figure books. Good old Bridgeman and one by Robert Barrett.

As you can see I also got a fun new toy. I got an Intuos 4 tablet. This tablet is a thing of beauty. A lot better then my old Graphire 3. I've been experimenting with some new brushes and techniques in Painter, which has been quite fun.

Since I am spending time trying to learn new things, some of the stuff I have done I don't believe is worthy yet to show everyone out there in the webbernet. But as soon as I get comfortable with some of these new techniques expect bigger and better things.

Also in the last image you can see my baby and my tablet. The image I have for my wallpaper is a piece by Stanley Lau, the wallpaper itself is thanks to ImagineFX.

That's it for now but have faith in a bright future.