Another RARRRR!!!

Well finally was able to scan in my painting. Obviously it's a demon all scary and such. What I wanted to do for this project was a simple spot illustration that could be seen in books like those of Dungeons & Dragons.

This was done on illustration board and in oils. Actually it was done in my Holbein Duo Aqua water-based oils. Which are amazing to use by the way. It has actually been over a year since I really used my oils, and about three years since I painted on board. Needless to say it felt good to get back into it.

The reason I have been staying away from oils was because of my technique. Whether I use traditional or digital the most important aspect of my illustrations are my drawings. This is why digital has just been easier for me, for I get my tight drawing and scan it in and then paint right on top. With traditional what I used to do is take my finish drawing and make a small xerox of it. I would then place the xerox in a lucidiograph machine (basically a projector) and then trace it in colored pencil on a toned canvas. After I moved it made it though to get access to a lucy. So I just relied more on digital.

So when I went back to painting I decided to use an old technique that I haven't used in a very very long time. What I do now is make a full size or larger xerox of my drawing then I matt medium it to a board. While it's still wet I use a comb to make some texture. After that I cover it in a thin acrylic underpainting. So I bacically have what I normally had, an underpainting with a very visible drawing. This way when I paint I can choose to have my drawing show through in certain areas.

Also when I had to scan this in I learned the joys of the tool photomerge in Photoshop, thank you Suj.

That be all for now next image I'll post will be another monster engine piece.