Now in COLOR

I have been a bit busy as of late so I have neglected my posting. I do however have many things to post. This one is the color studies for my Beowulf project.

I think I will end up going with the bottom ones for the first two projects and then a combination of the 2 for the third one, with it being dominantly the green one. It does seem to give a more eerie vibe which I like.

I have already shot my reference and even finished some of the drawings so expect to see those soon.


I worked out some colors for my space pirate in Corel painter. I ended up testing out both warm and cool palettes. While I do love some areas in the cool palette, especially the purple nebulae and the turquoise glow at the bottom of the planet, I ended up choosing the warm study. The warm one gives a nice contrast against her green skin and there are areas where I find it easier to move colors around, more so than the cool palette.

I have already started the finish and it should be done by this week.

I hope everyone is enjoying the process of this piece. I really enjoyed the feedback that I have been receiving. I got a lot of great comments via Facebook.

Also I have been meaning to scan in my sketches for my other piece, but fear not it's moving along I am currently working on the final drawing.

Galactic Temptress: Finish
Steam Punk Apocalypse: Reference Stage
Serpent Mistress: Final Drawing
Cyborg Ferocity: Reference Stage
An Elegant Universe: Reference Stage
Angelic Beauty: Reference Stage
Punkish Self-indulgence: Reference Stage

More Comic Wars in Progress

Well i said I wanted to post more in progress work so here it is. I have the final drawing to the piece as well as a color rough.

After I finished the drawing I scanned it in and started my color rough in Painter. Basically in this stage I just work out all my value and color issues. The lovely thing about working digitally is that i end up just taking the rough and using it as an under painting. So I will go in with more layers and flesh it out for the finish. Saves time when you can seamlessly move from rough to finish.

I really like the color I'm using for this illustration. I wanted to go with a simple orange and blue complimentary color scheme. I usually tend to cooler colors so having such a warm environment feels quite refreshing to me.

And now progress updates:

Comic book heroes (mag cover): Final Painting
Goth Vampire: Color Rough
Squid vs Shark: On the Back Burner
Mythology Character Designs: On the Back Burner

As you can tell I have finished the tight drawing for the goth vampire piece I plan on scanning that in tomorrow so keep a look out for that in the next few days.

Sorry i have no silly rant or random commentary (that is if anyone actually finds that amusing) but i am tired so i shall just bid you all a fond farewell.

................ fish sticks....... sorry I couldn't resist.