Christmas Time / Adorable

Well it is that time of year again for Christmas joy and cheer. I just recently bused with one of my best friend/ "adopted sister" Meagyn from New York to Florida; it was a very interesting trek indeed. I'll be here visiting my family for the holidays. I'm really glad to see them, but I could do without the heat; I really miss the snow. Also here is a sketch of my latest work.

This is the sketch for my recent painting. It's of an adorable sea creature; isn't he cute? I have actually already finished this painting. However, I had a lot to do before I left New York and did not have enough time to scan it, so I figured I could at least show everyone the sketch for it.

This is pretty much how the finished piece looks with the exception of the bottom left corner. I also added a few things including: a tentacle sweeping in to help balance him out and what then became one of my favorite part: whales! These helped to show the large scale of the monster. And the whales are also adorable.

Well, that's all for now. I hope everyone out there has a happy holiday with those you love; check you soon.