PREPARE!!! for More New Stuff

As I had said in a previous post things have been quite busy for me as of late. Getting new gigs and such. One of these gigs being for Catalyst Game Labs' RPG Shadowrun. It has been really awesome to work with them, I thoroughly enjoy Shadowrun.

Unfortunately I am not able to show anything nor give any details about what I am working on. Which does mean it will be awhile before I can update with new work. However be sure that as soon as the books come out in print I will let everyone know so you can see what I have done for Shadowrun.

I know I have not been able to show much of my work as of late but bear with me and soon I will be flooding you with all new work.

EDIT: After posting this Brent Evans the AD for Shadowrun had commented and I just wanted to share what he said. For it was quite awesome and really made my day.
"And just to keep all the suspense percolating I'll just jump in to add his work has been excellent and will be well worth the wait. :0)"

It is really great to hear something like that from your AD.