The Salvation of Lucius

A quick drawing I did. It is the climactic scene from the story The Golden Ass by Apuleius. It is a Hellenistic story that depicts the adventures of Lucius who through his own stupidity gets turned into a donkey.

He then goes on a series of adventures until at the end he is visited by the goddess Isis. She then gives him the means to turn back to his former self just this time a bit more enlightened.

I threw in a lot of symbolism to this. Such as the ribbons of fabric around Isis which represent mummification fabric. This being symbolic of Isis' husband Osiris. This is important as it symbolized Lucius' rebirth as well as its shape reflects that of the roads. I did this to symbolize the wandering of Lucius as well as that of the goddess herself.

There are many more instances of symbolism but I won't bore you with all the details.

That is all for now, later.