A New Beginning

A Happy New Year and happy holidays to you all. I know I have been neglecting updating as of late but that's what happens when you visit family and are low on internet. I did however, want to give everyone an update on what images and work in general you can be seeing in the new year.

I shall have the finished image of my lightning goddess soon, I just want to make a couple of tweaks.

My second pin-up the serpent mistress will be finished soon.

I will also start showing some samples of the collaborative projects I have in the work.

And finally I will for fun be illustrating a classical story. I feel taking a classic a placing my own twist on it will be fun. I have not yet fully decided which I shall choose so I will just let that stay a secret for now.

That's all I have to say for now but expect more updates within the next two weeks once I get out of the boiling pot of Florida and I am back in New York.

Until then.