Yes yet again another RARRR. Well not really. However, some other loud unintelligible sound may be appropriate. As I do recall making a few of them as I was working on this. It took me awhile, but now it is done and overall I am quite pleased with my finish.

There's a lot of little areas that I enjoyed painting like the smoke out of the bazooka and Iron Man.

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing my process through this piece. I thought it would be nice to show everyone how I work.

I should get a copy of the magazine when it gets printed. I'll make sure to post it.

Not much time to talk too much work to do. Next up is my Vampire piece which should be finished soon as it is due Thursday. So yeah I will be stressing just a bit the next few Well that's all for now so I will bid you good night and give you my updated project list.

Goth Vampire: Final Painting
Squid vs Shark: On the Back Burner
Mythology Character Designs: On the Back Burner