Sexual Stereotypes

This was an illustration I did for JERK magazine. The article was about the sexual stereotypes of African-American women, and how they are by nature supposed to be amazing in bed. it was an interesting article, a little blunt at times. However, it definitely brought up good points. I completely agree that no one should be judged based upon their race even if it seems like a positive stereotype.

The magazine wanted me to make my one illustration into two separate spots. These being of the male who obsesses over the African-American woman, and the sexual icon that he thinks idolizes.

What i wanted to convey with the woman was, yes, a very sexual woman who is the very stereotypical vision of the man. However, I also wanted her to seem elegant at the same time, he may be looking up to her as a sex goddess but she is looking above as well, not even giving him a second glance. I feel this gave her a bit of empowerment, considering the context of the image. As far as the guy I wanted him to seem like a stereotypical stuck up douche, hence why I gave him a collar because what feels more pretentious than a "popped collar douche"?

As far as the painting, it was a pencil drawing that I scanned in and painted in Corel Painter. I was quite pleased with the sketch of the woman. Although, I think I could have done better with the paintings. Sadly I was having trouble with my comp as it was lagging to a ridiculous extent. Since then I got my new comp so no worries. And on another note I love this new computer it is quite sexy and extremely fast.

I feel as though I have rambled a bit but ehh. At least I am actually posting, but that would be it for this one.