The Dreaded Pacmanosaur

This was the other Monster Engine piece that I did with Dave DeVries. It was another drawing done by my cousin Billy. He called this one the Pacmanosaur it apparently breathes fire, can shoot lightning from its head, and has a shield that can throw bombs.

Unlike the other Monster Engine piece what I did with this one wasn't a tracing of the original drawing but a fleshing out of the concept for the monster, with a rendering of it in my style. I decided to lay it out like a concept page, including not only my early sketches but even Billy's original drawing

The way Billy described his monster made me think of an odd frog like creature, so that's where I started with my sketches. Then I thought of how his shield and lightning cannons would look and thought perhaps a steam-punkish look would be cool. Thus I ended up turning Billy's monster into a steam-punk frog.

This is the last Monster Engine piece, I just finished my Slayers book cover so that should be posted in the next day or so.