Vampire RARRRR!!!

Well I finally got around to posting this image. Sorry it took me so long it has been extremely hectic these past few weeks.

What I wanted to do was an illustration that could be used for something such as a magic card, and I hadn't done a horizontal composition in awhile so I thought this was a good opportunity. Magic card illustrations being approximately 2 inches by 3 inches.

Originally I wasn't sure what I was going to do for this so I got some assistance I was able to get some shots in on a group photo reference session. The model Stacy had multiple costumes and poses. I ended up with a ton of shots. There was however, this one where she had this red reflected light from underneath and it looked so cool. So I gave her fangs and made her a vampire. As is apparently my nature.

She was a fantastic model, great to work with and she had really really good facial structure, it was very fortunate to have her for this piece.

For the trees I spent a day at the cemetery taking photos of trees. It was fun until I ended up getting lost. Then as I tried to find my way out the sky darkened and the wind which was strong at that point became silent. I then heard a bloodcurdling roar. Before my very eyes I saw the dead come alive. They started to burst from the graves. luckily there was an abandoned truck left by the groundskeepers nearby. There were no keys in it so I couldn't drive it, as if I could anyway. However in the back of the bed I found an extremely large set of hedge clippers. They worked very effectively in chopping off zombie heads or stabbing them in the chest, it was a nice multi-purpose weapon. I mowed down a few before I realized how lost I was and I started to become surrounded. At that moment luck was on my side as a bolt of lightning shot from the sky and hit a tree that collapsed upon then. This gave me the time I needed to escape. I was fortunate to hear the sounds of cars. Covered in blood and viscera I headed that way and low and behold I eventually got back to Comstock. I ran as fast as I could. I dropped the clippers off on the side of the road, and to my advantage the rain had washed off most of the blood. I ran up to the second floor of the art building to realize I was a half hour late to this figure class I sit in on. I then got out my drawing pad, I wanted to try and use pen and ink that day.

Ok that didn't happen but it would have been awesome if it did. I did get lost in the cemetary though, and was a half hour late. There was something unnerving about being lost on a dark and rainy day in a cemetery. I thought it deserved a good story.

Well that's that I have another piece done now and as soon as I get time to scan it in I will post. It is a traditional painting, which yeah has been a while for me, of a demon girl with red glowing eyes, fangs, dual-light, and in side profile. I know I've seen an image like that somewhere before hmmm...... ahh well I'll post again soon.