New Sketch

Here's a new sketch that I did this past Sunday. I really had a lot of fun working on this. I slightly modified reference I found online of a singer/model. I used my .9 mm mechanical pencil with, obviously, my blue lead. I've really been enjoying using my blue lead lately. It, for some reason, just really creates a look and texture that I really like. The only problem with it is that this type of lead for some reason is really hard to erase. I was tempted to use my regular 2B lead as a prelim sketch and then go over it with my blue lead, however I always think that a color lead should be used as the preliminary sketch otherwise it looks odd. So I just end up trying to be careful when I first start to lay out with the blue lead, since I like solely using the blue lead.

The drawing was started at about maybe 2 AM so I guess it was technically done on Monday not Sunday, but eh semantics. I ended up finishing the drawing around 6 AM. Started watching the second season of Venture Bros on DVD got finished just when the last episode was over. I was hoping to get to bed earlier, but I got onto such a roll that I figured the sleep deprivation was worth it.

Well that would be all for now.
Soon I hope to start working on my collaborations with my best friend Sujin. Once I get some of those done I'll get them posted.