War on the Spirit Realms (My last AEG L5R piece)

Here it is "War of the Spirit Realms" the last piece I did for AEG's L5R. This piece was one of my favorites that I had ever done for them so I guess it is fitting it is the last I have for the AEG era of L5R. Hopefully though I can come back will all new awesome pieces with FFG. In the meantime though I hope you enjoy this one.

Next week I will be at IlluXcon. I won't have a booth but I am still hoping it ends up a lot better then my last con, that was unfortunately just a big series of let downs. But I will be at IlluXcon with my magic cards so feel free to find me there. 

Emerald Guard / The last of my L5R art

Hey guys here is a recent piece published for L5R. Sadly as many of you know AEG sold Legend of the 5 Rings to Fantasy Flight. As such I do not know when or If will be doing work for L5R again. I would love to do more but I can't say I know what will happen in the futre. In the meantime however I can finally share the last of the pieces I did.

Hope you guys enjoy this. My next post will bring my last and personally favorite L5R piece.  

Bodyguard/ Countdown to Cincy Comic Con Part 3

This is the third and final new art update before I head out for Cincy Comic Con. Like my previous piece Maester Cressen this was done for the Game of Thrones card game. However, this time around I got to paint some more well known characters, The Hound and the little twat Joffrey.

This piece was one of my particular favs. It allowed me to paint a lot of things I do not normally get to and I had a lot of fun playing with the color palette.

I will have prints of this piece with me at Cincy Comic Con in the artist ally space D-13.

I hope you have enjoyed all the updates, and hope to see you this weekend in Cincy.

Corrupted Copper Mine/ Countdown to Cincy Comic Con Part 2

In continuation with my countdown to Cincy Comic Con here is another recently published piece.

This is Corrupted Copper Mine done for AEG's Legend of the 5 Rings card game.

Unfortunately as I just recently learned of this piece's publication I will not have prints of this one for sale at Cincy. However it is up in my online print store if you are interested.

That is all for this update. I will post another new piece tomorrow. 

Maester Cressen / Countdown to Cincy Comic Con

Hey everyone I have a few announcements today. For one this weekend Sept 12th and 13th I will have a booth at Cincy Comic Con's artist ally. At booth D-13.

Now in celebration I will be uploading newly published work for the next few days. The first of which is Maester Cressen. Which was done for FFG's Game of Thrones CCG.

The coolest thing that happened while working on this piece was it was during the weeks of a local Ren Faire. And man there is no better coincidence than that. I got some of the most killer reference ever.

This piece along with many other prints will be available for sale next weekend. Don't miss out.


Greetings everyone. Here is a new piece I finished for the upcoming free comic book day to accompany my Scarlet Witch piece. This time though it will be the Avengers' titular villain Ultron. This was a fun new experience for me as I am not quite used to painting robots. Especially those with such illuminated armpits.

Hope you enjoy and see you in Dayton for FCBD. 

Scarlet Witch and FCBD

It is that time of year again, time to gear up for free comic book day. Like last year I will again be at Epic Loot signing and selling things.

This year I wanted to bring some new prints and this is the first, my rendition of the Scarlet Witch. She will not be the only new piece as I do have a few more that I should have done by then. One of which being a certain no strings attached villain.

Also this year I plan on going to quite a few more conventions than normal so keep an eye out for future updates.

In the mean time I hope to see you May 2nd in Ohio. 

Blistering Rain

This piece was done for AEG's Legend of the 5 RIngs card game.

Talented Maiko

This piece was done for AEG's Legend of the 5 RIngs card game.

Mirumoto Katagi

This piece was done for AEG's Legend of the 5 RIngs card game.

Strength Remains

This piece was done for AEG's Legend of the 5 RIngs card game.

The Wind's Champion

This piece was done for AEG's Legend of the 5 RIngs card game.

Offering Reverence

This piece was done for AEG's Legend of the 5 RIngs card game.

Warrior Atop the Snow Covered Peak

This piece was a personal work that I did for a gallery show dedicated to one of my favorite artists Frank Frazetta. 


I felt it was time to start updating my work. Here is a piece I did for FFG's Talisman game.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!! and 2013 Review

Hello everyone, long time no see. For any of you that normally follow my blog most likely noticed the lack of posts in 2013... and by lack I mean none. For me 2013 was frankly a very bad year. Between being stuck in a very bad financial position I also had to deal with some other personal issues that absolutely killed my art drive. Fortunately though things have turned around. I have moved out of Central NY and am now living in Ohio. I am with good friends and am doing much better in the money department. I do have new works that have been published and will soon get to posting those here.

For now though I am currently planning for Free Comic Book Day. I will have a table at Epic Loot Games and Comics in Dayton, Ohio. I will have prints, cards and original sketches all for sale. So if you are in the area please come by and say hi.

That is all for now. Here is to a good Free Comic Book Day and to a much better 2014.


Back with more Magic (Magic #5)

Hello Everyone! After and unfortunate very long absence I am back. After a few months of conventions, financial issues, and computer death I finally had time to get back to updating. And ohh the updating I shall have.

First up are some pages for Magic the Gathering: The Spell Thief #1 (or Magic issue 5). This issue in particular had some really interesting settings which really allowed me to go crazy with my coloring. It was quite fun. If you have not already looked into this comic series I highly recommend.

That is all for now I hope you enjoyed it.


Recently I had the opportunity to work on personal projects. So I decided to go back on an old drawing of mine and work on finishing it as a painting. Here is an early in progress shot that I thought might be interesting to share. So far I am trying to play with some colors that I have not normally. Hopefully the finish will turn out well. Hope you liked it.

Massive Art Update Part 9: L5R The Lesson of Earth

Welcome to the final installment of the Massive Update. As I said in my last post I saved the best for last. This is my piece The Lesson of Earth for the L5R expansion The Shadow's Embrace. This might seem familiar as I posted the studies for this piece when I first announced my massive update. This piece is by far one of my favorites that I had done for L5R. I really feel like I hit a stride with my painting on this one. The way I composed the piece, the gestures, and the little details like the cobble stone floor. It was definitely a breakthrough piece for me. And I was so excited that I had the opportunity to paint some Naga (snake people) in this piece. Unfortunately as you can tell by the finished card a lot of the parts I liked ended up getting cropped off. I have a feeling that this was do to the fact that when the whole piece shrunk down the important storytelling elements of the stone skin protecting the main figure got lost. And if it had to get cropped for the sake of story then so be it, the narrative must come first. But at least now I can show off the piece and what I love about it.

Sadly that will be the last major art update for a little while as everything else is still under NDA. But fear not in the next few days I will have some exciting news. About a new personal non art related project I am starting which will consist of a brand new blog. I hope your excited cause I know I am.